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Centrado Case Study

Centrado Case Study

The Client
Centrado Ltd, a market-leading trade supplier of picture framing materials, based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Instructed: November 2014
Completed: February 2015

Property: 35,000 sq ft industrial unit

Property Need
Business expansion meant that Centrado needed to move from its 10,000 sq ft unit into larger premises to create extra capacity. The management team had found a suitable 35,000 sq ft property - more than treble the exisiting building size - but had reached an impasse in negotiations with the Landlordís agent. Centrado needed additional incentives to be able to move forward with the deal, but the Landlordís agent had advised that there was nothing left available in the pot.

Talkspace Solution
Talkspace, a specialist in safeguarding the interests of the business owner looking to buy or rent commercial property, was brought in by Centrado to help with negotiations and find a way forward. Jonathan Hand of Talkspace, who has previously worked on behalf of Landlords for 19 years, could see a number of ways in which the lease terms could be restructured that would unlock the opportunity for future incentives to be negotiated, without adversely affecting Centrado's position. Jonathan's advice meant that Centrado was able to negotiate an additional £50,000 worth of incentives, allowing the relocation to take place.

"Jonathan's knowledge of the commercial property market and the Landlord and Tenancy Act in particular really helped with negotiating the best lease terms for the business. It really worked having someone with his level of expertise looking after our interests and negotiating with the Landlord's agent on our behalf." Bradley Middleton, Centrado

May 2015

                       Centrado's new premises