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Pictured : Natasha Rose (Managing Director) of Andrews Building Supplies
and Jonathan Hand (Managing Director) of Talkspace 

More good news for Cambridgeshire’s construction industry as Peterborough-based Andrews Building Supplies acquires a second site in Huntingdon.

Work on the 1.1 acre site and premises in Huntingdon has begun on a building with trade counter, warehouse and outside storage. The firm is looking forward to extending its reach to customers south of Peterborough as far as London’s commuter belt.

Fulfilling their dream of a second site was not plain sailing as Managing Director, Natasha Rose, explained, “We made the decision to open another site years ago, but after two or three years trying to squeeze a property search into our existing schedule we simply hadn’t got anywhere. It took a conversation with a business advisor for us to realise that that we didn’t have the knowledge or time to do the search properly.”

Andrews Building Supplies was introduced to Jonathan Hand, a commercial property expert and founder of Talkspace Group, a consultancy that was set up to help those looking to rent or buy commercial property. Jonathan told us, “It is very common for business owners to underestimate the amount of time it takes to search for suitable property. Many think it can be fitted in to their normal working schedule, but when you’re busy running your business and you don’t have the specialist knowledge that only comes from working full-time in the property market, it’s an unrealistic expectation.”

Natasha described how involving Jonathan meant that potential properties started rolling in“thick and fast” and it was only a month later that an offer was made and accepted on a suitable site in an ideal location. With completion being dependent on planning permission going through, Jonathan’s expertise was a reassuring presence that kept the purchase on track.

”The sale would have fallen through without Jonathan” Natasha explains, “ He helped negotiate the price, kept the anxious vendor sweet during the long planning process and hurried the architects which kept the sale chugging along at a reasonable rate.”

The firm is now poised for rapid growth.

March 2017