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"Ideal" Property Solution

"Ideal" Property Solution

Ideal Power Ltd, a company specialising in sourcing and supplying power conversion products, has opened a new Headquarters at Lynchwood in Peterborough.

The company, which also has a distribution and logistics facility in Barnstaple in North Devon, used the services of Stamford-based commercial property consultancy, Talkspace, to negotiate and secure the purchase of 2,200 sq ft office space. The move brings together the firmís marketing, sales and technical support functions and has created a number of new jobs.

Ideal Power's Managing Director, Alec Sarkissian told us, "The opening of our new headquarters in Peterborough has allowed us to bring our operation together in one location," adding that it would "improve communication and efficiency."

Finding the right property in the right location is only the first step, as Jonathan Hand, Managing Director of Talkspace explains, "Most property seekers donít realise that when they contact property agents that their priority is to act in the best interests of the property owner and landlord (their client) and not for the prospective buyer or tenant, so caution is needed both during the search period and negotiations to make sure you are getting the best property selection and deal."

Alan Sarkissian agrees; "We had already found the property we wanted when we appointed Talkspace but needed help to move the transaction forward. Jonathanís negotiation skills and knowledge on what the market requires and how it works meant we were able to get a much better deal than was first offered."

Alec Sarkissian and Jonathan Hand

Alec Sarkissian of Ideal Power and Jonathan Hand 

Sept 2015