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Services: Professional Referrals

Talkspace Commercial Property ReferralsAre You a Professional with Clients That Need Help With Commercial Property Advice?

As fellow professionals you can depend upon us to work with your clients in confidence and alongside your own services.

By providing impartial and completely independent commercial property advice for your clients we can enhance your offering and support you in your efforts for your clients.

Here are just a few suggestions that indicate your client would benefit from simply talking with us, without obligation;

  • If your client needs, or wants, to move but they are too busy running their business to be able to invest the time to search the commercial property market properly.
  • If your client has either too much or too little choice in the commercial property market and needs to solve that issue.
  • If your client has an idea of what they need but would benefit from somebody who will be on their side, working to get them the most appropriate deal for their need and circumstances.

So if you have a client that needs assistance on a possible relocation or new commercial property acquisition (whether it be on a leasehold or freehold basis), then please call us now and we'll be happy to advise you.