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Talkspace Commercial Property Lease NegotiationNegotiating Your Commercial Property Lease Terms

Once the ideal leasehold property has been identified and we have completed all the necessary checks and due diligence with to its suitability for your business the next stage is to negotiate and agree terms with the Landlord or his agent.

The terms that we will need to agree on your behalf are;

  • Length of lease term
  • The annual rent and how it is to be paid
  • Rent deposits or personal guarantees required
  • Rent reviews during the lease term
  • Service charges that may be applicable to your new property
  • Who has responsibility for any repairs?
  • Alienation (whether you are able to assign and sublet)
  • Building Insurance costs
  • Legal costs

It is our responsibility as your property consultant to give you advice that ensures the terms of the lease are, as far as possible, weighted in your favour and not the Landlords.
Alternatively we can negotiate your entire property deal on your behalf, acting solely for you throughout the process to protect your interests. Why is this important? Well, if you were negotiating directly with an agent, who gets paid by the Landlord so will be acting in the Landlord's best interest, you may, unwittingly, agree to terms that you do not understand the full implications of and mistakes at this stage can be very costly and could have an adverse impact on your business for years.

So, to discuss how we can help you with negotiating your lease please contact us now.