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A Conundrum

Squash trophies

Competing in the over 35 and over 45 Lincolnshire county squash championships over the weekend, I faced a conundrum. I had spent the summer training hard (even giving up alcohol for September) and after winning all of my matches on Saturday, I found myself in two county finals which were to be played in relatively quick succession on the Sunday.

During my first match which was the over 35 final, I narrowly lost the first game and had to battle extremely hard to win the second. At 1-1, I faced an inner battle. Should I throw everything into winning this first final and then have nothing left for the second or should I manage my energy levels and try and sneak a victory, which will give me a better chance of also winning the second. Having decided to opt for the second strategy (of energy conservation), I then ended up losing both.

I was extremely disappointed as I hadn’t lost to either opponent before. However, reflecting on my decision and the events over the weekend it has taught me a very valuable lesson and one which I will take with me to the county championships next year and that is to be in the present and to focus on what you are playing for at that moment in time.

This lesson can equally be applied to business, as I see many businesses forego suitable property opportunities in the view that something better will come on to the market in the future, which then never materialises. There is a lot to be said for a bird in the hand..

Sept 16