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The Ripple Effect

ripple effect

I am a big fan of Seth Godin the marketing guru and enjoy reading his daily blogs about marketing and worldly stuff. One recent blog titled “The ripples” really caught my attention as it talked about how every decision has the power to change things.

Having been involved with over 1,000 property deals over my 24 year career, I started to think about how many people’s lives had been affected and changed by the deals I had been involved with. The management or staff who were happier due to a better working environment or the business owner who has been successfully able to expand his business and employ more people due to the property we have been able to source for him/her. In these situations not only, is the business owner, the management team and staff affected in a positive way, but the ripple effect stretches out far beyond them to their families and the people they interact with.

When you think about the impact of your decisions in this way, it makes you realise how big an impact you can have on people’s lives.

Oct 2016