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Time Lost Can Never Be Recovered


Since setting up my own business, I have become acutely aware that time is both a gift and a curse. Armed with the same number of hours and minutes every day, we are presented with never-ending choices of how to spend our time. At the end of each day, the time we have not used is written off, nothing is carried forward and every day is a fresh start.

As business leaders and owners we understand that good use of time improves productivity and can lead to success, yet we often find ourselves having our time hijacked by others or circumstances, particularly if we haven't planned well in advance. A business move or relocation can easily fall into this category, primarily because itís something that happens so infrequently, is outside the norm of the everyday business operation and therefore takes up more time to think about and manage.

In my experience as a property consultant, larger businesses tend to plan well ahead while smaller businesses wait until they have reached the point where they have no room for growth before beginning the search for new premises. Lack of experience in the property market can easily lead to an under-estimation of how much time will be needed to search, view and negotiate a property deal - time that could be better spent focused on growing the business and managing it through the move.

In any other areas of business, it's normal to engage an expert or specialist to get things done expediently, so why should that be any different when itís time for your growing business to move? Here's an example; I was instructed by a client who had been looking for 18 months for a freehold property without success and within a couple of weeks I'd found them a property that fitted their requirements.  On another occasion, I made an approach to purchase a property that wasnít on the market on behalf of my client and the sale was completed within 4 months. Knowing how the property market works not only saves time but also helps to secure the best deal.

Time that's gone can never be recovered, but, on reflection, perhaps a more appropriate title for this blog would have been "Use an expert and make up for lost time".

Nov 2015