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Nothing Beats Specialist Knowledge When It Comes To Moving Commercial Property

6 Brookside Industrial Estate Sawtry

Property found and purchase negotiated for Mineheart Ltd

When do you decide as a business leader that it’s time to bring in specific and specialist expert advice or services? Perhaps you’re someone who likes to keep control of a project, to allow others in the team to learn as they go and see if it works out. Or perhaps you prefer to manage a project internally until you reach a gap in your collective knowledge or experience that’s too wide to breach, at which point you’re ready to accept you don’t have the right resources, skills or knowledge in-house to complete the job. Do you decide to stop the project, or find an expert to help complete it?

There is really only one way forward if the continued operation and potential growth of your company depends on that project.

Finding a commercial property that allows your business to operate more efficiently and gives you the space you need to expand and grow, is one of those situations. The trouble is that moving or relocating is something that may only happen once or twice in a business’s lifetime, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll have the in-house knowledge and experience ready and available to take the project beyond the initial search stages.

Anyone who has gone through the process of finding new commercial property on their own will tell you that finding and negotiating a business move takes far longer and uses more valuable time and energy than planned or expected.

Cambridgeshire fine furniture and interior finishes supplier, Mineheart, had been looking for new premises since early 2015. The business was operating from a small 10m x 5m unit in Fenstanton and desperately needed larger business premises to allow them to meet their current business needs and for future expansion. The process of deciding on the criteria for a new property had taken over two years to arrive at, but it was after an offer on a property fell through that they invited commercial property specialist, Jonathan Hand of Talkspace, to help them search for property and negotiate the sale.

Managing Director John Mabhegede, said, “I was introduced to Jonathan by our Bank Manager and looking back I was a bit sceptical that his service would be of much value, but I agreed to an initial 3 month contract. Within 60 days Jonathan had found a property in Sawtry that we have since bought and moved into.”

“His knowledge and experience really made a difference in speaking to the estate agent as I felt I hadn’t been taken seriously previously. Also he was able to find properties that weren’t necessarily on the market and find out if there was a possibility we could make an offer. He was very reassuring.”

Investing in expert advice can save time and money in the long run and, as. Mineheart has found, help to secure the right conditions – and property - for future growth

Nov 2016